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WTB: Attract Investors Using a Subscription Model

The hardest challenge every entrepreneur faces is convincing investors that your business model is feasible. Stakeholders definitely want proof that will tell them that you can deliver on your promise; and the option to prefer to a subscription model will do more than just lessen investors’ worries and concerns. Not only that, it will also […]


Why thinking about quitting gives you more options and perspectives

It is understandable to expect that exiting your business signifies the end of the road, but this is not necessarily true and in fact whether it is or it is not is completely up to you. If you apply the lessons in this book and create your own maximum exit you will create a rare level of freedom and genuine choice in your business life and in your life in general. When one […]


Exit or Succession Planning? The answer is clear!

What is Exit Planning?  Exit Planning is action taken on the inside of the company to make it attractive (to prospective buyers on the outside of the company) in terms of the company’s financial value and strategic value. The main purpose of exit planning is to give the business owner a huge pay day when he/she sells the company. This happens when the owner is no longer running […]