Christian Haack
Business Exit Angel | Money Acquisition Coach | Author

Christian Haack is the world No.1 Business Exit Angel, and a maximum deal design, sourcing & closing authority.

The international business consultant, Virtual Merger Expert and Bestselling Book author (“Building Digtial Leaders” / “Sell your Business for more”) Christian Haack is the developer of the Plug & Profit system that maximizes M&A, joint venture and exit deals and partnerships.

As a money acquisition coach, he helps entrepreneurs acquire money from investors that can solve any business problem. Christian Haack is founder of the MAEXIT late stage incubator, where he also trains and teaches entrepreneurs, how to attract, dominate and close game changing deals.

Christian Haack ist der weltweite Nr.1 Business Exit Angel, ein Vorreiter im Design, Sourcing und Closing von Maximum Deals.

Der internationale Unternehmensberater, Virtual Merger Experte und Bestseller Buchautor („Building Digital Leaders“ / Sell your business for more“) ist Entwickler des „Plug & Profit Systems“ und maximiert M&A, Joint Venture und Exit Deals.

Als Money Acquisition Coach hilft er Unternehmerpersönlichkeiten Geld von Investoren zu akquirieren, das jedes Business Problem lösen kann. Christian Haack trainiert und coacht Unternehmer, wie sie richtungsweisende Deals anziehen, dominieren und erfolgreich abschließen.

I don´t buy or sell. – I close deals.

Business Exit / Sellside

Turning Assets into Liquidity

Investor M&A / Buyside

Deal sourcing and maximizing

Alliances for Leveraged Growth

Generate Business Partnerships that scale

Why working with me

High value benefits and competitive advantages you will achieve when working with me

Get a System to create Rapid, Reliable and Repeatable RESULTS
Increase IMPACT and INFLUENCE and dominate the Deals
Generate GROWTH Opportunities on demand
ATTRACT and WIN the best Investors and Business Partners
Sell your business for more and RETIRE RICH
Be more PROFITABLE without cutting jobs
Acquire the best PROFESSIONALS without chasing them
Building DIGITAL Leadership without risk of failure
Leverage GLOBAL Markets without losing time and money
Attract lucrative SUCCESSORS without selling of your legacy

Win, before others do it. Let´s go, get the deal.

Keynotes, Trainings & Consulting

Entrepreneurs learn, how to design and achieve their maximum exit

Get a system to maximize M&A, Joint Venture and Exit Deals and Partnerships.

  • Increase your strategic business value (why they pay more) by becoming a plug&profit target or investor
  • Deal success guarantee by defining and designing dealmaker and eliminate dealbreaker

You will automatically:

  • attract and win the best investors and business partners
  • dominate and close deals on your own terms
  • sell your business for more

The Plug & Profit Businessdesign System is available in the following packages. Lets´go do it!:

  • Mastermind Groups
  • 12 month program (1on1 mentoring or “done for you”)

Entrepreneurs get a roadmap, how to create a desirable and sellable company

Dealsourcing & Business Matching Service

Companies of all sizes can generate great Business Opportunities on demand.

Get introduced and connected to the best business partner or investor you want and need.

  • Sell or Multiply your business in an afternoon
  • Design a compelling M&A, Joint Venture or Exit Strategy
  • Define lucrative deals and partners with highest strategic benefit and impact
  • Identify and source deals and partners instantly

Let me connect you!

Entrepreneurs will attract and close the best investors and maximum deals

Deal Performance Service

Using a system that helps family offices, strategic investors or companies to turn around bad investments or partnerships

  • identifying hidden key value drivers
  • find the best complementary deals to increase strategic benefits
  • sell the investment for more

MAEXIT Late Stage Incubator

The Virtual Merger Program

We are specialized to help you, buy, merge and sell multiple businesses in one deal without even having to own them

I reveal the secrets, the science and the system for your successful maximum exit

The 8 figure money acquisition script

Attract and win the best investors and raise money to fix any business problem in 90 minutes or less.

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