CHRISTIAN HAACK, contributed to 2.1Bn in successful M&A Transactions and Investment, presents:

Highway2sell Consulting,

Your Fast Track to Exit Readiness.

Sell your business for sure and for more.

Christian is so confident in his services after 2.1 Billion in successful M&A Transactions and Investments for his clients, that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is, and is the only Exit Coach to offer you a 

Success or Money Back Guarantee. 

"If your business is not sold 12 months after the program and you have followed all steps of the plan, you will get your money back or get consulting for free until you actually sell the company. Your choice."

- Christian Haack

We know, your busy.
here's what you need to know:

Billions in missed opportunity

595,000 businesses close per year, because they are not sold / sellable.

You need to prepare correctly

80% of businesses offered to brokers are
rejected as unsellable.

You need to understand what investors WANT and position your business accordingly

80% of actual listed businesses are still not being sold.

your biggest asset should become your ultimate payday

80% of the business owners wealth is locked in their
business and will be gone if they do not sell.

You have been rejected by Business brokers?
You have fear of rejection when pitching to investors?

here's why It will be different working with us:

we help you turn your business from "Refected & unsellable" to exactly what investors want

Create desirable and sellable assets that
investors want to buy.

we work 1:1 with you to prepare your business for sale at maximum valuation

Discover and eliminate dealbreakers and valueless expectations.

we Know Why investors buy and We will work 1:1 with you to position your business to sell - for sure and for more

Provide competitive advantageous assets
that can be leveraged at multiples.

we will make sure you cash in on the greatest wealth transfer in history and be ready for bigger goals.

Unlock the value to go for bigger solutions
and live the life you want.

The Highway2Sell Roadmap

A Step-By-Step Proven Roadmap That Guarantees Your Success

Here is three steps to make your business
instantly more valuable and easier to manage:

Assessment Phase: Steps 1 – 4

The Assessment Phase, encompassing Steps 1-4, is a critical evaluation stage where we identify your business's current standing, its potential growth avenues, and formulate a tailored strategy to maximize value and readiness for a successful exit.

Positioning Phase: Steps 5 - 7

The Positioning Phase, covering Steps 5-7, involves strategically enhancing your business's market standing, refining its unique selling proposition, and aligning all aspects of the business to attract potential buyers and maximize selling multiple + price.

Build & Close Phase: Steps 8 + 9

The Build & Close Phase, encompassing Steps 8-9, is a crucial stage where we fortify your business structure for a seamless transition, and expertly manage the negotiation and closing process to secure the best possible deal for your successful MAX EXIT.

When you start focusing on these key phases, your business will easily generate more income
without much effort. You also make the company easily transferable if you ever decide to or an emergency forces you to exit the company.

What is Highway2Sell Consulting?

Highway2Sell Consulting turns your Business into a
sellable and desirable company that attracts
the best investors and business partners.

Attract & Win

Prepare and close the deal that turns your life around in a single day.


Knowing what to do and the impact will make decisions easier and faster.


Get feedback from a real investor to prove that theory can become reality.


Know why they buy and why they pay more to become what they are hungry for. 

Exit Thinking

Don't ask what you can do for your business. 

Ask what your business can do for you.

Partner Profiling

Use the investor matrix to define who will profit most, why and how.


The only question is, can your business leverage or be leveraged.

Red Flag Assessment

Be prepared and avoid these 8 dealbreakers that reduce your value and put a deal at risk.

Business Valuation

Investors decide in seconds if the deal is worth their time - use the right numbers. 

The Highway2Sell guidance helps Business Owners to
review and optimize their processes and
strategies to increase the monetizable
business value and simplify the Exit

Special Offer

Listen, Usually this is a 12-month consulting program I conduct 1-on-1 with clients for $240k.

But what you will get now, will get you there faster:

1. Highway2Sell Assessment and Blueprint

2. Investor View Business Valuation

3. Dealmakers & -breakers guidance plan

4. SWOT analysis and strategy

5. Actionplan what to do and why

This will give you clarity, certainty and guidance.
You'll know, to do only the right things that impact your longterm success.
You'll experience a successful and high multiple, high value business sale.

But, we only take a select amount of clients due to the 1:1 Nature of the services and need for thorough hands on work. 

Due to exceptional demand, Our max cap is set at only 10 one on one clients per month as we work on scaling our systems.

Only 10 clients per month.

FOR Business Brokers: 

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