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It wasn’t until after I had sold my business that I realised just how much money I left on the table… If I knew then what I know now, I would have tripled my outcome, but no one was teaching this at the time. With hindsight, had I focused on a different set of priorities at the time I would have achieved far more in my business, in a fraction of the time.

By chance, I came across investors, consultants and high net worth individuals who were buying businesses and intrigued to learn more I asked why they were doing this and what they hoped to gain and bizarrely they could not tell, they refused to tell me! I kept trying but they were resolute in their decision. Their behaviour made the topic all the more intriguing to me. What is the big secret? And why does nobody want to share?

I was so intrigued, I decided to write a book and began to formally investigate and learn about selling companies and the people who like to buy them, for my book. I had to re-approach some of my old contacts and to my surprise they wanted to help me develop the my book, so they began to share concepts and best practices with me. What they shared was quite mind-blowing, I was glad I had developed the relationships with them over the years and that they were entrusting me with such invaluable tips and advice.

Over time, I got the chance to work with these individuals, and to interviews some of them, and I had an epiphany…

Working IN your business is focusing on creating Income

Compared to

Working ON your business which is focusing on creating an Investment.

To explain:

· Income-focused activities tend to be short-term, such as attracting more clients, generating more revenue, etc.

· Investment-focused activities, by contrast, are not spending the time earning income, but rather are investing the time to increase the value. Money eventually comes from the increased value, but it is usually in much greater sums… that’s what I call Ultimate Pay Days.

These ultimate pay days are so huge and so life-changing that some people can retire and never need to work again. What I noticed with my new high net worth friends is that they were not creating one ultimate pay day at the end of their careers, but instead they were creating several of these throughout their careers. Their philosophy was “why wait 50 years to do this, when you can do this every 5 years?” Wow! What I learned from them can be described as the art and the science of creating multiple ultimate pay days and this is what this book is all about.

I call it the art and science because what I learned requires incorporating a different mindset and a different focus to what most business owners are used to, plus there are specific structured business-building and value-creating methodologies that are employed in this process to create the desired outcome.

If you too would like to have these tools and methodologies in your arsenal, then book a call and we can see, you want and need my service.


Christian Haack is a Business Growth and Acquisition Strategist for SME and big corporations and the world No.1 Business Exit Angel.

The international executive consultant, Virtual Merger Expert and Bestselling Book author (“Building Digtial Leaders” / “Sell your Business for more”) Christian Haack is the developer of the MAEXIT Framework that maximizes M&A, joint venture and exit deals and partnerships.

As a money acquisition coach, he helps entrepreneurs acquire money from investors that can solve any business problem. Christian Haack is founder of the MAEXIT late stage incubator, where he also trains and teaches entrepreneurs, how to attract, dominate and close game changing deals.

As a top specialist in IT and project management as well as a trained exit planner, Christian Haack knows how to maximize deals, and which factors, beyond mere revenue numbers, are truly relevant for investors and potential successors! The MAEXIT Framework has an answer. Christian Haack has developed this system through years of market analysis, research, and analysis of more than 100 interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors and consultants. The MAEXIT framework makes it possible to achieve reliable and repeatable success in maximizing M&A, joint venture and exit deals in a short time.

Christian Haack has wealth of unique knowledge and experience. For many years, his strategic support and implementation, his advice and his knowledge were highly appreciated and in demand in large corporations, and is now of high value in the owner-managed middle class sector.

As a lecturer, Christian Haack reveals the secrets, the science and the system of virtual mergers and strategic alliances that enables corporate owners to achieve their personal goals and increase in corporate value. With his lecture tour Sell Your Business for More, Christian Haack provides deep insights into the thoughts and actions of investors and how they evaluate opportunities.